Improved Quality

Ruby Recruiting uses experienced sourcing specialists and recruiters that have subject matter expertise to improve candidate quality. We also keep pools full of talented candidates that provide a broader choice of candidates then a typical HR selection process and are ready to interview right when you need them.


Reduced Executive Input

By outsourcing your recruiting your managers spend more of their time doing what they do best instead of dealing with unqualified candidates and dealing with staff turnover.


Reduced Costs

Outsourcing your hiring process reduces costs by reducing management overhead, direct payroll costs and the elimination of employee benefits and office expenses. You get the results without the overhead.


Reduced Hiring Times

Ruby Recruiting not only reduces hiring times but also the time management spends on hiring. With pipelines of available candidates operations are no longer slowed down as people cycle through your company. A multi-tiered sourcing strategy accelerates the hiring process and ensures any problems are quickly addressed without slowing down the hiring system.


Reduced Hassle

No more backlogs. No more sorting through thousands of resumes. No more candidates that don’t meet your criteria. No more burdening your staff with bureaucratic processes. No more wasted time.



As your company grows to meet demand your hiring process grows along with it. Outsourcing your hiring process to Ruby Recruiting is the easiest and fastest solution to support large business growth, unlike your current process.


Measurable Results

What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get managed. We track the recruiting process so that they can modify and adapt their system to your needs to meet and exceed your benchmarks and expectations.



We provide consistent results from our streamlined functions across multiple regions and business units and a vendor neutral approach to assessing either existing or new systems.